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Buddha Purnima 2014 Dream

May 14, 2014, 3.50am – I have been falling in and out of a dream state several times since the past few minutes. Whenever I’m back in the dream Satya Sai Baba appears to me. He does not say anything. As I come out of the dream state, I see a reflection of his head in front of me. This occurred about three times, and while it was happening, I remember thinking to myself, “I better stop meditating, because strange things are starting to happen again”. In any case, as I fell back into the dream state, I saw Satya Sai Baba sitting on my bed. He wasn’t looking at me, he seemed to be busy doing something, as if looking for an object in a box.

I tapped him on the shoulder and said “Swami”.
He turned towards me and stood up. He was looking young, and extremely handsome. He was wearing an orange robe, and the wall behind him was blue.
He was so pleased to see me. He shook my hand with both his hands and said “Thank you Dinesh, Thank you for being there”. As I shook his hand I remember thinking to myself, “Swami, please speak slowly, I will have to remember this to write it down”.

I believe that there was one more thing that he had said, but because that thought was running through my head I could not remember what it was. He then embraced me and said, “Spread my message”. While I was embracing him, I could see the blue wall behind him, which had a poster on it that read, “Be at your Home”. It was a white poster with black text. I then fully woke up, with my heart racing and body sweating as usual when I experience such dreams.

During the next few days, I may get more insights about the significance of this dream, which I will share on my blog Bliss with Sai. Meanwhile, I guess I need to remember Satya Sai Baba’s words “spread my message”.

UPDATE @ 7.00am - To add a little more to this – after I went back to bed, Shirdi Sai Baba appeared in my dream at around 7am, which woke me up. He was tall and wearing a peach colored robe. Honestly, I did notice him, but I was too tired to interact with him.

I later found out when I woke up that today is an auspicious day, Buddha Poornima and Full Moon.

I will share some deeper information on lucid dreaming, mindfulness, etc. in the upcoming blog post.



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